I’m her Knight in Shining Armor… Antique Antics

My damsel in not-so-much-distress through my eyes: Antique antics 

I like to observe her while she sleeps. I still wonder how is she able to function during the day considering the restless nights that she spends thinking about the future, planning her life or just because she had too many cups of tea. Only after a while, when the whole world is asleep and the moon is still shining and the air is finally getting colder, is she able to find peace. Only after her arms reach my tiny body and bring me closer to her heart is she able to escape her nightmares and to finally sleep.

I am her ever dutiful and most loyal knight in shining armor.

ClaudiaI met her over twenty years ago. She was a tiny little thing, just eight years old. I still remember her inquisitive eyes and serious look while picking a new present. Together with her family she was on her way to a small village somewhere lost in the mountains. Apparently, as she used to complain throughout the years, they used to go there every year for a month. It was a small village-not even one hundred houses- overflowed with German and French tourists in summer but inhabited by a handful of grandpas and grandmas the rest of the year. There were very few kids her age. That’s why her dad decided to buy her a present so that she could cope with another boring summer in that desolate place.

I had lots of competition. There was a fluffy cat, meowing her way to win her over, and a small dog that was, according to many, too cute for words. Yet, she picked me. Our eyes met and it was love at first sight. How can you resist a beautiful pair of black eyes and a fluffy yellow complex? She couldn’t. She hugged me and she never let me go.

I grew up with her. I was there during her wild years when she was in her early teens. I was her closest companion when her dad passed away when she was only 14. I was there when she suddenly became a grown up. Her smile changed. I couldn’t do much apart from watching over her at night and protect from her darkest memories and nightmares.

When she started university we were all happy. She had plans and she kept on talking about them to me and to her mom. I went with her when she moved to Scotland for her master and then when she moved to Sydney to complete her studies. I traveled a lot in these past years.  Never as an object nor as a precious thing. I was her most loyal companion of adventure.

I wonder how the people at the airport explains the fact that a 28 years old woman travels with her beloved in a handbag where the most important documents are kept. Is it weird? I don’t care because she seems not to care as well. She laughs at her mom whenever she raises the question. She always replies: ‘ I don’t give a fig about that. I will never leave her alone in a suitcase!’ I am so grateful that she cares so much about me. She is growing up so fast and yet she still loves me and looks at me with the same eyes of the girl from twenty years ago.

I can’t do much for her now. She has to face the world by herself all day long. However, I can protect her and watch over her at night when she is at her weakest. I will fight the darkness of the night for her. That’s why, I am her night in shining armor.



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