Daily literary quotes

Just start and make itI’m sure I’m not the only one who oftentimes struggle with finding an exciting topic to write about. This week was my ‘what the heck am I going to write about’ week. Then, out of the blue I had an epiphany. Why not taking inspiration from my Facebook page? Please don’t panic. I’m not gonna write about what I had for breakfast or with whom I had dinner last night. That would be just too boring! Rather, I shall drop daily literary quotes from the most random sources. 

There is something refreshing, energizing and empowering in reading an inspirational quotes from the most varied sources: favorite writers, poets, chefs, politician, or even an anonymous author. I love reading quotes so much so that several months ago I started to post on my Facebook page a quote a day, a citation reflecting the state of my mind. I reckon I’d rather let my friends know what’s going on in my life through a thoughtful and inspiring quote rather than randomly writing about how crazy, happy, grateful of bored I am.  It was something simple that was initially meant to be only for me. However, I soon started to receive numerous likes from my friends, some of them left comments saying those quotes mirrored exactly how they were feeling or simply how beautiful these quotes were. A couple of my girlfriends even said that they were looking forward to my daily literary quotes.

So tell me dear readers, which one is your favorite inspirational quote?


3 thoughts on “Daily literary quotes

    • That is a lovely quote. Also, I couldn’t agree more. It’s important be receptive to others’ opinion and suggestions, especially the ones coming from our loved ones, but it’s even more important to listen to our hearts and pay attention to our conscience.

      • Oh, I agree, we should have an open mind to the opinions of others, but not let that shape us alone, we should let our own conscience guide us and shape who we are, for we are our own selves, unique and individual 🙂

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