The Power of threes: Memories and identity

Preserve your memories, keep them well, what you  forget you can never retell.

Louisa May Alcott

Piazza dei Miracoli

I have once read that memories are the architecture of one’s identity. I couldn’t agree more. They are like countless pieces of a complex puzzle. They are delicate, easy to lose and when missing they leave a small and yet important hole. Each one of them is essential because together they form the beautiful portrait that is us. Some of these pieces are old and broken, others are brand new and lusciously shiny. How captivating it is for us to understand and compose such an intriguing puzzle. Each piece contains a whole world. Through it we are able to go back in time and re-live a specific event, see the same landscape and feel the same emotions. Memories are keys to our soul.

AbbadiaEach of these pictures unlocks vivid sensations and nostalgic emotions. They are windows to moments of my summer holidays of two years ago. When I look at them I am reminded of the first time I came back home from Sydney and suddenly realised the true beauty of a country, a region and a city that saw me growing up. The amazing thing is, however, that it is not just about the landscape and the places. Behind each of these pictures there are amazing memories about people, about my friends.

leaning tower luminara

Memories are important because they show you what you have been through, with whom you shared them, and ultimately they reveal what made you the person that you are now.


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